“We have had a long overdue account from one of our clients and were getting frustrated as we didn’t know how to go about collecting payment without damaging our working relationship with him. Thankfully, the team at United Recovery Solutions really helped us out and both parties came out unscathed. In fact, we are still working amicably!”
– Jason Teh, Manager

“I lent some cash to my neighbor and was tired of always chasing him to pay me back as I needed the money for important house matters. I found the staff at the United Recovery Solutions, debt collectors, professional and objective and advised me on the best way to settle this matter quickly and still maintain my neighbor-relationship.”
– Molly Wang

I would highly recommend United Recovery Solutions should you have a need for debt collection service.  The company provides exemplary customer service.  Their staff is high responsive and excellent communicators.  My case was not a simple one as I was attempting to collect an unpaid consulting/ professional fee with my company being USA-based and my non-paying client-customer being  located in Malaysia with its corporate headquarters in Singapore.  United Recovery Solutions, debt collectors, made the process simple and was successful in collecting my unpaid fee.  With the most confidence, I would highly recommend them should you have need for such service.
– Mark Eichinger/Owner, IHRCC, LLC., March 2015

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